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Image by Edz Norton


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At a Glance: 

Intention - Emotional balance, calm, grounding
Chakras - Can be used to stabalize all chakras, especially root
Color - Varies by piece (black, grey, white, maroon, cream)
Type - Jewelry
Lattice - Hexagonal (manifest)
Ethically sourced from - Brazil


Experience the grounding and calming energy of agate with our stunning agate geode slice necklace. Designed to promote emotional balance and stability, this unique piece is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Each necklace features a genuine agate geode slice, carefully selected for its captivating natural patterns and colors.


Agate is known for its ability to bring a sense of calm and grounding, helping to stabilize all chakras, especially the root chakra. Its hexagonal lattice structure enhances manifestation, allowing you to align your energy with your intentions. The colors of the geode slices vary from brown, white, maroon, and cream, making each necklace one of a kind. This necklace also features an additional crystal in the center of the pendant. 


Ethically sourced from Brazil, our agate geode slice necklace carries the positive energy that agate is renowned for. The natural beauty of the geode slice is complemented by a simple yet elegant setting. The adjustable chain allows you to choose between two different chain lengths. 


Add this agate geode slice necklace to your collection and experience the soothing energy it brings. Perfect for daily wear, meditation, or as a thoughtful gift, this piece is a wonderful way to carry the grounding energy of agate with you wherever you go.


To learn more about agate, visit our blog

Agate Geode Slice Necklace - Additional Crystal in Center


Summer Sale

  • Chain Length: 18 inches, can be adjusted to 17 inches or 16 inches
    Chain color: Gold
    Pendant size: 2 inches long, 1 inch wide
    Pendant colors: varies, mixtures of white, maroon, black, tan and yellow
    Satin storage pouch included in purhcase

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