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Image by Edz Norton


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At a Glance: 

Intention - emotional healing, reflection, realizations, shadow self
Chakras - Third eye (intuition and intellect) and crown (higher self and Divinity)
Color - Black  (protection, grounding, safety, shadow self)
Type - Raw
Lattice - Monoclinic (protect and safeguard) 
Ethically sourced from - Madagascar


Discover the transformative energy of black moonstone, a crystal that promotes emotional healing, deep reflection, and profound realizations. This natural crystal carries the protective and grounding energy of black, offering a sense of safety as you explore your shadow self and uncover deeper truths.


Aligned with both the third eye and crown chakras, black moonstone enhances intuition and connects you to your higher self. Its dark hue represents protection and grounding, making it a perfect companion for those delving into their shadow work to reveal and heal hidden aspects of the self.


Ethically sourced from Madagascar, our black moonstone crystals are chosen for their quality and authenticity. The monoclinic lattice structure adds an extra layer of protection, providing stability as you navigate your emotional landscape.


Use black moonstone for meditation, journaling, or energy work to aid in uncovering hidden truths and facilitating emotional healing. It can help you embrace your shadow self, allowing you to grow and transform with a newfound sense of balance and harmony. With black moonstone, you can safely delve into the depths of your inner world, ultimately revealing the light within.


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Black Moonstone (Healing, Reflection, Realizations, Shadow Work)


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  • **This is a raw crystal which means the exact size, shape and color may vary from the pictures above. Please be open to the unique beauty that each crystal has to offer.**
    Size: Ranges from 1.5-2.5 inches
    Shape: Varies
    Color: Mixtures of black, brown, gray and white
    Satin storage pouch included with purchase

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