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Image by Edz Norton


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At a Glance: 

Intention - Communication, creativity, spiritual awakening, clarity
Chakras - Throat (speaking your truth) and third eye (intuition and intellect)
Color - Blue (self-expression, truth, wisdom, surrender)
Type - Raw
Lattice -  Isometric (improves situations and amplifies energies) 
Ethically sourced from - Brazil


Blue fluorite is a crystal that resonates with the energies of communication, creativity, and spiritual awakening. Its striking blue-green color represents self-expression, truth, and wisdom, making it an excellent stone for those seeking clarity in their thoughts and communication.


Associated with the throat and third eye chakras, blue fluorite can help you speak your truth with confidence and enhance your intuitive abilities. It’s ideal for meditation, helping you connect with your inner wisdom and gain deeper insights. The raw form of this crystal adds a natural beauty to its powerful energy, encouraging you to embrace the unfiltered flow of creativity and surrender to spiritual growth.


Ethically sourced from Brazil, our blue fluorite is carefully selected for its quality and authenticity. The isometric lattice structure is known for its ability to improve situations and amplify energies, making it a versatile crystal for a variety of practices.


Use blue fluorite to stimulate clear communication, unlock creativity, or support your spiritual awakening. Place it in your workspace, meditation area, or carry it with you to keep its positive energy close at hand. Experience the inspiring energy of blue fluorite and let it guide you toward greater self-expression, clarity, and spiritual growth.


To learn more about blue fluorite, visit our blog

Blue Fluorite (Communication, Clarity, Creativity, Awakening)


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  • **This is a raw crystal which means the exact size, shape and color may vary from the pictures above. Please be open to the unique beauty that each crystal has to offer.**
    Size: Ranges from 1.5-2.5 inches
    Shape: Varies
    Color: Blue/green
    Satin storage pouch included with purchase

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