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Image by Edz Norton


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At a Glance: 

Intention - Reduce Stress, Calm Anxiety, Emotional Wellbeing
Chakras - Crown (higher self, Divinity)
Color - White (new beginnings, divinity, purity, peace, connection to higher realms)
Lattice - Monoclinic (protect and safeguard)
Ethically sourced from - Brazil


Experience serenity and emotional wellbeing with our stunning howlite necklace with adjustable chain. Ethically sourced from Brazil, this beautiful white stone is renowned for its calming properties and its ability to reduce stress and anxiety.


Howlite’s pure white color resonates with the crown chakra, promoting a connection to your higher self and divinity. It symbolizes new beginnings, purity, and peace, making it an ideal stone for fostering emotional tranquility and spiritual growth.


The stone's monoclinic lattice structure is believed to protect and safeguard, enhancing its soothing energy. Wearing this necklace not only adds a touch of elegance to your outfit but also serves as a powerful reminder to embrace peace and calm in your daily life.


Each Howlite stone is carefully selected to ensure it meets our standards for ethical sourcing and minimal environmental impact. By wearing this Howlite Necklace, you can carry a sense of serenity and divine connection with you, supporting your emotional wellbeing and promoting a peaceful state of mind.


Embrace the calming energy of our ethically sourced Howlite Necklace, a perfect accessory for reducing stress, calming anxiety, and enhancing your spiritual journey.


To learn more about howlite, visit our blog.

Howlite Pendant Necklace (Reduce Stress, Calm Anxiety, Emotional Wellbeing)


Summer Sale

  • **Each crystal is unique which means the exact size, shape and color may vary from the pictures above. The colors range from mostly white with very little grey to mostly grey with little white. Please be open to the unique beauty that each crystal has to offer.**

    Chain Length: 18 inches, can be adjusted to 17 inches or 16 inches
    Chain color:  Silver
    Pendant size: ~1.5 inches long, ~1 inch wide
    Pendant shape: Teardrop
    Pendant colors: shades of white, grey and black, varies by item
    Satin storage pouch included in purhcase

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