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Image by Edz Norton


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Intention - Versatility, change, adventure
Chakras - Root (stability and security)
Color - Varies (red, yellow, purple)
Type - Raw
Lattice - Hexagonal (aids in manifesting)
Ethically sourced from - Australia


Mookaite jasper is a unique crystal known for its versatility and vibrant colors. It embodies the energy of change, helping you navigate new beginnings and make confident decisions from your heart. With its beautiful mix of red, yellow, and purple hues, this raw crystal brings a sense of warmth and grounding to any space.


Aligned with the root chakra, mookaite jasper provides a stable foundation, offering a sense of security and support as you embrace change. Its hexagonal lattice structure is known for aiding in manifestation, making this crystal a great companion for those seeking to bring their dreams and goals to life.


Ethically sourced from Australia, our mookaite jasper is carefully selected to showcase its natural beauty and unique color variations. This crystal's raw form accentuates its organic energy, reminding you of your connection to the Earth.


Use mookaite jasper to boost your confidence in decision-making, adapt to changing circumstances, or simply to embrace the adventure of new beginnings. It encourages you to approach life with courage and make choices from a place of love, rather than fear. Whether you're meditating, working on personal growth, or seeking inspiration, this crystal can guide you through life's transitions with clarity and compassion. Discover the vibrant energy of mookaite jasper and let it inspire you to embrace change with an open heart.


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Mookaite Jasper (Versatility, Change, Adventure)

  • **This is a raw crystal which means the exact size, shape and color may vary from the pictures above. Please be open to the unique beauty that each crystal has to offer.**
    Size: Ranges from 1.5-2.5 inches
    Shape: Varies
    Color: Varies (yellow, purple, maroon, white)
    Satin storage pouch included with purchase

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