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Image by Edz Norton


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At a Glance: 

Intention - Positivity, safety, emotional harmony, intuition  
Chakras - Third eye (intuition and intellect) and crown (higher self and Divinity)
Color - Peach (compassion, joy, tenderness, nurturing)
Type - Polished 
Lattice - Monoclinic (protect and safeguard) 
Ethically sourced from - Madagascar


Embrace the soothing energy of our Peach Moonstone heart crystal, a symbol of emotional harmony, positivity, and intuition. This polished heart-shaped crystal offers a nurturing energy that fosters compassion, joy, and tenderness, inviting a sense of calm and balance into your life.


Peach Moonstone has a deep connection to the moon, reflecting its cycles of growth and renewal. It's aligned with both the third eye and crown chakras, promoting intuition, intellectual clarity, and a connection to your higher self. The gentle peach color embodies warmth and compassion, ideal for cultivating an atmosphere of emotional safety and harmony.


Ethically sourced from Madagascar, this crystal is crafted with care, ensuring a smooth and radiant finish. Its monoclinic lattice structure adds an extra layer of protection, reflecting the grounding and stabilizing energy of the Earth.


Use this Peach Moonstone heart to deepen your meditation practice, enhance your intuitive abilities, or align with the cycles of the moon. Whether you're seeking to nurture yourself or connect with the divine, this crystal is a powerful and meaningful addition to your collection. Experience the calming energy of Peach Moonstone and let it guide you on your journey.


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Peach Moonstone Heart (Positivity, Intuition, Harmony)


Summer Sale

  • Size: Ranges from 1-1.5 inches
    Shape: Heart
    Color: Peach (please note that color saturation and hue varies from crystal to crystal)
    Satin storage pouch included with purchase 

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