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Image by Edz Norton


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At a Glance: 

Intention - Love, compassion, forgiveness
Chakras - Heart (compassion, kindness, unconditional love, forgiveness) 
Color - Pink (compassion, kindness, romantic love)
Type - Raw
Lattice - Hexagonal (manifest)
Ethically sourced from - Brazil


Experience the soothing energy of rose quartz, a crystal renowned for its ability to promote unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. This gentle pink stone is aligned with the heart chakra, encouraging self-healing, self-love, and meaningful connections. It’s a powerful ally for those seeking inner peace, joy and love.


Rose quartz’s soft pink hue symbolizes compassion, forgiveness, and love. As you hold it in your hand, you'll feel a wave of warmth and tranquility, inviting you to open your heart to its healing energy.


Our rose quartz crystals are ethically sourced from Brazil, ensuring that they are not only beautiful but also responsibly obtained. With a hexagonal lattice structure, this crystal can assist you in manifestating new or continuing love. Add this crystal to your collection and let its calming presence inspire more kindness, love, and forgiveness in your life.


To learn more about rose quartz, visit or blog.

Rose Quartz (Love, Compassion, Forgiveness)

  • **This is a raw crystal which means the exact size, shape and color may vary from the pictures above. Please be open to the unique beauty that each crystal has to offer.**
    Size: Ranges from 1.5-2.5 inches
    Shape: Varies
    Color: Pink
    Satin storage pouch included with purchase

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