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Guided Souls

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Join Katie, a psychic medium with a passion for guiding others through the wild ride of a spiritual awakening. If you're feeling lost on this journey, let Katie's friendly voice be your compass.

In this podcast, Katie shares her own story of awakening, keeping it real and relatable. She's all about helping you discover your unique spiritual gifts and navigate the twists and turns of this transformative experience.

Whether you're just starting to feel the vibes or looking to amp up your spiritual game, Katie's got your back. Tune in for insights, practical tips, and a supportive chat that feels like catching up with a friend. Ready to embrace the magic within? Let's dive into the adventure together!

Guided Souls is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Episode 30 - Stay Wild Earth Child

In this episode, Katie shares a channeled message about being an Earth child and the journey of self-discovery and purpose.  She emphasizes the importance of embracing a lighthearted, childlike wonderment and shares her excitement for exploring and sharing the concept of being an Earth child with her audience.

Episode 29 - Bask in Your Cosmic Insignificance

Katie shares her personal journey of launching an online crystal shop and the challenges she faced. She discusses the concept of cosmic insignificance and how it has inspired her to take risks and pursue her dreams. She emphasizes the idea that 'it just doesn't matter' and encourages listeners to embrace their freedom and fearlessness.

Episode 28 - How Crystals Work (Part 2)

In this episode, Katie continues the discussion on crystals and focuses on how to cleanse, charge, connect with, work with, and store crystals. 

Episode 27 - How Crystals Work (Part 1)

In this episode, Katie discusses her passion for crystals and how they provide a deep connection to Mother Earth while also grounding and centering individuals in the present moment.  Katie shares tips on how to choose crystals, including considering their healing properties, colors, lattice structure, and connection to specific chakras.

Episode 26 - Discovering Your Soul Mission

In this episode, Katie discusses the concept of soul missions and how to discover and hone in on yours. She defines a soul mission as the imprint you're meant to leave on the earth and emphasizes that it's not just about your career, but encompasses who you are as a person.

Episode 25 - Developing Intuition

In this episode, Katie discusses how to develop and listen to your intuition. Katie defines intuition as messages from the higher self to the soul and explains that it feels like it's coming from one's own entity.

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